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What can I say?  I live and breathe this stuff...Every since I was a kid I've been taking photos and creating art and designing stuff.  My whole family is artistic - it's in our blood.  Back in my school days I was winning awards in local fairs and art festivals.  I was Photo Editor for my high school (North Harford) newspaper and received an award for my work there.  I went to Harford CC, then UMBC and majored in Visual & Performing arts, emphasizing photography.  My imagery was featured in numerous gallery shows and the Photographers Forum, Best of College Photography.  During college I spent some time shooting for a local newspaper and The Baltimore Zoo.  After college I was hired by Ritz Camera Centers and worked in sales before being promoted to the corporate office as their photographer, where I worked for about 7 years.  Most of my work there was product photography for advertising purposes.  On the side I was doing my own personal work including scenic, wedding, and special events photography.  As a member of two artist associations I also did a large amount of photographing artwork for artist friends.  In 2003 I moved to Arizona where I continued as a freelance photographer while employed full-time in youth ministry.  I currently live in Tucson where I work as a realtor and freelance photographer.  As a Christian and businessman you can expect me to have high standards for the job that I do and in the way I act and conduct my business.  I can assure you I am my own worst critic and won't stop until I'm pleased with the results.

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